Fast + Epp is an internationally recognized structural engineering firm located in the heart of Vancouver. Today, Fast + Epp have continued to grow by expanding across North America whilst also becoming recognised in the European market following the opening of their branch in Germany, in 2010. Their team comprises of engineers who have acquired expertise in the field of mass timber for more than 20 years, developing numerous world-class projects whilst ensuring wood is the primary structural material.


Fast + Epp has been involved in an extensive variety of public and private projects around the globe, creating structurally efficient, sustainably sourced and architecturally striking structures. They ensure to implement specific standards into every project they design in order to lessen and eventually eliminate the carbon footprint of the construction industry. Considering our likeminded passion for the environment, this partnership can significantly help in achieving our vision of sustainable development at an unprecedented scale, thus resulting in ground breaking green communities.

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Structurlam is the leading manufacturer of cross laminated timber in North America, having developed a world class reputation as a result of more than 50 years of innovation and quality. Alongside their substantial reputation for the highest quality engineered wood products and for setting the standard for mass timber manufacturers across the continent, their passion for this construction material is evident in every project they do.


Currently, Structurlam is internationally recognised  in equal measure for both the quality of their mass timber products and their ability to design system solutions. Their core values of innovation, sustainability, agility, teamwork and safety blend seamlessly into our own ideology. Forefront’s prospect of the usage of CLT as an alternative to conventional construction materials can become a reality as a result of Structurlam’s firm commitment in leading the way of wood products innovation.

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Francl Architecture Inc. is a full-service architecture firm based in Vancouver. Over the past 30 years, they have developed an incredible reputation for enhancing the structure of towns and cities in BC through an integrative process of sustainability and user experience. Formally known as WF Architecture, it was founded by Walter Francl in 1988 and incorporated in 1994. In 2013, the firm re-emerged as Francl Architecture Inc. following entering a partnership with Aepli Architecture Inc. Currently, their interdisciplinary team comprises of over 50 individuals which includes, AIBC registered architects, intern architects, urban planners, interior designers and support staff.

In response to the civilians of Vancouver increasing awareness of environmental issues,  Francl Architecture have become experts in sustainable building design. They thrive off the challenges of designing and developing a modern, livable and sustainable built environment which is evident in the production in each project they complete. Their commitment to promoting a clean environment and

minimizing our environmental footprint mirrors our future focused ethos as we aspire to implement solutions to the existing inefficiencies in community development through innovation and technology.

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